Since 2013, I’ve shared my time between France and Iran to work on an inspiring sport project, fuelled by passion and built in collaboration with the Iranian community.

WE SURF IN IRAN is a group of young Iranians who created the first local surf club of Iran and want to practice and develop surfing in the remote but beautiful region of Baluchistan.

Our goal is to:
- Build a surf school on the beach of the fishing village of Ramin, one of the region’s premier surf breaks.
- Create accessibility and inclusion for everyone, both men, women and children to experience surfing in a positive and safe environment.
- Provide coaching and training for surfers and surf instructors to teach surfing.
- Encourage ocean awareness, water safety and marine education.

- Develop the craft of surfboard shaping for local people in the region through workshops and capacity building.
- Organize regular events to encourage the practice and development of surfing. These events create connection, build community and fosters sportsmanship and best practice.
- Promote cross-cultural exchange by organizing an international event with foreign athletes, promoting cross cultural exchange.